Reviews for Inconspicuous Consumption:

“[Schlossberg] has scoured the internet for pretty much every scary and fascinating statistic on her subject that you can imagine, and her time has been well spent. You come away from her book with a stronger sense of the sheer largeness of the human enterprise — the number of us now consuming, and the overwhelming effect of all that volume…she deserves real credit for coming through her journey into the guts of the consumer machine with a clarifying insight: We aren’t going to solve our problems one consumer at a time. We’re going to need to do it as societies and civilizations, or not at all.” —Bill McKibben, NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

“[Schlossberg] has reported and written a treatise on climate change that is upsetting but not hysterical, eschewing headline-generating doomsday prognosticating in favor of a nerdy interest in the details. Inconspicuous Consumption is scary informative—in both senses—but also oddly enjoyable, filled with salty jokes and fun (or not so fun) facts and weird little rabbit holes…If you're looking for something to cling to in what often feels like a hopeless conversation, Schlossberg's darkly humorous, knowledge-is-power, eyes-wide-open approach may be just the thing.” — Julia Felsenthal, VOGUE

Avoiding dense technical language and writing in a highly personalized style laced with humor and asides, the author provides much-needed clarifications about climate change and pollution that not only empower average consumers with the ability to act and make informed decisions, but also encourage and inspire that action….If fighting climate change can be engaging, fun, and fulfilling, this is the road map.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS

To halt the climate crisis, we must first understand the many factors that create and sustain it, and this book offers the tools for that understanding. The author breaks complex issues down to be understandable to the lay reader, while her humor and wit ensure that readers will close the book feeling energized rather than hopeless.” —BOOKLIST (starred review)

With insight and urgency, Schlossberg prods readers to think more deeply about how they participate in these and other activities, and how they might mitigate their impact. In the process, she delivers an intriguing and educational narrative.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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